We love making Spa Gift Boxes!!


These soaps are so nice! I love that they last so much longer than store bought soaps and really hold their scents! I’m excited to buy more! They are such nice quality!

Brittany Capper, January 2021

I love the many varieties and scents available. These bars are luxurious and bubbly, very moisturizing! I adore mine as a shave soap and it’s better than any shave cream I have ever used! This soap is decidedly different and wonderful. I have also use the 325mg cbd balm regularly. It helps comfort my middle aged joints at night, very effective! It has a very light peppermint scent but does not make the skin cold. I have tried other CBC balms and I like this one the most.

Tillie Lamb, 2019

I use the 325 cbd balm and it really helps relieve my shoulder pain.

Glenn Smith, 2020