Loving on People!!

I am a mom and grandmother and moved into a very old farmhouse many years ago. That's when I started tinkering with making soap and recipes of what to put in my soap. Fast Forward now I work on making 96.88 percent Organic skincare which is a passion. If my items are fully natural but not 96.88 Percent Organic I will not call them Organic, however, if they still are a blessing for your skin they will be on my list of Natural products. At Soap Esteem we have a wide variety of products with the natural healing power of Essential Oils and Botanical Infused Oils, Lots of Raw Butters, Organic Oils, whole herbs, and Spa Salts and Teas.

My passion is to open a quaint little store and indulge people with lots of Natural products that each person can see, feel, and smell. Life is a journey through so many adventures, I would love to help each person start their day and end their day with a smile!! We all need to realize that taking care of ourselves is very important to our well-being.

I love working craft fairs, bazaars and farmers markets! Love animals since I was a child...so please realize I will never hurt them or use them in my products. I also love the earth however, that is my main ingredient...sustainable plant products..

I want to share with you a personal note..I started on etsy back in 2012 and also had a personal website and was doing well for a few years. Then life happened and I went through a divorce which turned me a bit upside down. So when you see when I started on etsy , there was a big lull in my production of any soaps or lotions . So glad I made it back though and thanks for taking the time to read this!

Let me know if you have a question I can help with!
Hope to hear from you soon......Hugs

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