After bathing and showering skin becomes dry, tight and sore causing itchy skin to flake. The skin has a layer of natural oil, which helps retain moisture in the skin, but use of store bought soaps, detergents and shower gels strip the skin of this essential layer. So finding a handmade soap that has Natural Ingredients and no Parabens and other chemicals is a must to start with in the Shower or Bath.

Natural Soaps have a ph that will try and balance yours.  A good bar of Natural Soap will cleanse the debris from your skin and then replace a layer taken off by just the water, with a humectant and moisturize it.  So now, you are ahead of the game.

If you skin is healthy and balanced handmade natural soap is all you will need.  However, some of us overuse our skin through washing, weather, and work.  Since even water itself can be drying to the skin and when the skin is warm it becomes more absorbent, therefore it is essential to moisturize immediately after washing with a moisturizer, A good handmade natural or organic lotion or creme is wonderful to put on the skin right after a bath or shower.  No more white coated pants on the inside from flecks of skin, especially in the winter.  Your skin will love you for this routine.  Guiding you to Healthy is what we do here at Soap Esteem!  Hugs